CAIR-MI is seeking a Safe Spaces Intern for the Safe Spaces project, designed to create a mutually beneficial environment between employers, educational institutions, government entities, and Muslim employees.


The mission of Safe Spaces is to produce and adopt policies that positively affect the Muslim community, the community at large and people of other faiths through education, dialogue and cooperation. Safe Spaces will work proactively with institutions, corporations, universities as well as primary level schools and other entities to implement "Muslim friendly" policies that will have a constructive outcome for both the Muslim and greater non-Muslim community.
·        Minimum of 10-15 hours per week.

·         Research intuitions in Michigan which encompass a population of Muslim Americans such as schools, companies, hospitals and various institutions.
·         Introduce minority and civil rights policy changes to various institutions such as schools, law enforcement, employers and others for Muslims and people of other faiths.
·         Proactively contact these intuitions to introduce and implement these policy changes through meetings, trainings and presentations.

Students applying for this internship should have strong communication, research and writing skills. This position is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Law students are especially encouraged to apply. 

Please send a cover letter and resume to the Office Manager Nargis Rahman at For further details, call the CAIR-MI office at 248-559-2247.

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