Apr 30th, 2013

Muslim-Friendly Policies at Correctional Facilities

Safe Spaces Coordinator Warda Kalim worked with Captain Lee Zick to secure a range of Muslim-friendly policies at Calhoun County Correctional Facility in Battle Creek, the largest immigration facility in Michigan. In addition to receiving halal food, Muslim inmates receive Ramadan

accommodation, and enjoy a pork-free facility. Copies of the Quran are available in the commissary, and the facility is very gender sensitive. CAIR-MI is working with the facility to implement a hijab-friendly policy.

CAIR-MI Safe Spaces Coordinator Warda Kalim has been working with several prisons and Chaplains throughout Michigan to implement a range of Muslim friendly policies. Warda is representing several Muslim prisoners at prisons throughout the state for being denied a proper caloric diet during the month of Ramadan in addition to halal food accommodations.

CAIR-MI Safe Spaces Coordinator Warda Kalim worked with Imam Akbar of Flint Islamic Center and Chaplain Al Novak from Genesee County Jail regarding concerns for inaccessibility to interfaith prayer services. Through Warda’s outreach, Muslims and Christian inmates at Genesee County Jail have accessibility to prayer services.

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