Mohammed Saleem, MD

Dr. Mohammed Saleem is a medical doctor and board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He has a medical office in Davison, Michigan.


As a community activist and well-respected leader, Dr. Saleem served as the former President of the Islamic Medical Association in Flint, President of Management Committee at the Flint Islamic Center, President of the Da’wah Committee at the Flint Islamic where prison work in the Flint area was established, Secretary for the Islamic Cemetery Committee, and is the President of the Political Action Committee.


Dr. Saleem established in coordination with Dr. Abdelmajid Jondy, a regularly aired Islamic Radio Program on AM 1570 and delivers Jum’ah Khutbahs intermittently at the mosque.


Prior to setting in Michigan, his activism and community work where highly recognized in the State of Tennessee as he served as President of the Board of Directors at the Al-Noor Mosque in Chattooga, TN and played an active role in building bridges between the American Muslim community in his area, media outlets, and government agencies in order to strengthen relations with organizations and politicians, and involve the community in media watch programs.


Dr. Saleem has recently joined the Flint organization ALPACT, which was formed by police, FBI and churches to work on decreasing crime in Flint.  He is currently President/Chairman of "Muslim Outreach Free Clinic" of Flint. Dr. Saleem is a Board member of EMERGE MI and also represents Michigan at the EMERGE USA Board. He is a member of the MMCC advisory board. In 2014, Dr. Saleem received the Community Service Award from the Michigan State Medical Society.

Mohammed Saleem, MD
CAIR Michigan