Sep 19th, 2012

Safe Spaces




The mission of Safe Spaces is to produce and adopt policies that positively affect the Muslim community as well as the greater non-Muslim community through education, dialogue and cooperation. Safe Spaces will work proactively with institutions, corporations, universities as well as primary level schools and other entities to implement “Muslim friendly” policies that will have a constructive outcome for both the Muslim and greater non-Muslim community.



Reflection Rooms in airports, places of work

Religious Garb

Prayer Accommodations

Halal food issues

Muslim Holidays

Providing Islamic Educational Materials to Schools


Regions Covered

Metro Detroit

Flint / Saginaw (Grand Blanc, Schwartz Creek)

Ann Arbor / Jackson


Kalamazoo / Battle Creek

Grand Rapids / Muskegon


For more information or to become a Safe Spaces intern, please contact Warda Kalim at, or call (248) 559-2247.

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